Q: What is the price of your service?

A: Please let us know your business details and your specific requirements, like product category, storage volume, SKU quantity, average weight per order, expected weekly orders quantity, shipping time limit, website, main destinations, etc, so as to offer you the suitable quote, accordingly.


Q: Can you make customized packing materials?

A: Yes. We can help make your customized packing bag, box, carton, label, card, as well as print your logo in it, if needed.

Q: Working with you, What are the benefits?


  1. By dealing directly with the factory without any other intermediaries, we can secure the lowest prices;
  2. As locals, we possess stronger bargaining power;
  3. With over five years of experience, we have a robust supply chain network;
  4. We offer customized services based on customer needs, demonstrating great flexibility;
  5. The service fee paid to us is far outweighed by the value we provide to you.


Q: Can you make integration with my e-store/e-shop?

A: Yes, this is our basic service. Details can be seen on the "Integration" page on our web.

Q: Do you have MOQ limit?

A: No. We are happy and honored to cooperate with you even your your scale/quantity is very small. And we'd like to help you grow bigger and bigger.

Q: When shall we pay you?

A: Commonly, you shall deposit some money in our company before the orders fulfillment start.


Q: Hown shall we pay you?

A: Our available payment methods are: T/T (bank transfer), Paypal, Payoneer, etc.


Q: Can you pay our suppliers on behalf of us?

A: Yes. And both USD and RMB are ok for us. Further more, we can help you sourcing and purchasing if needed.


Q: If our goods got lost in your warehouse, how will you pay us?

A: We have insured the insurance for our warehouses. If your goods got lost in our warehouse, we will compensate you according to the product cost value.


Q: Can you help us kitting/assemble products?

A: Yes. Please show us your exact requirements, as well as the related pictures.


Q: Can you help us do the QC issues?

A: Yes. We can help you check the product quality, like whether it is broken, color, size, actual quantity, etc.


Q: If our customers want to return the goods, can you help us handle?

A: Yes. We can collect the goods in our warehouse, send it to supplier for repair, even add it into your new inventory if needed. 


Q: If we want to stop cooperation with you, and pick up all our goods from your warehouse, will you charge any fees?

A: We will not charge you any extra fees. We will keep improving our service, and look forward long time cooperation with you.